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Issue #221 resolved

Warsaw (and other themes) incompatible with polyglossia

Anonymous created an issue

The following minimal file

\usetheme{Warsaw}%Also with AnnArbor, CambridgeUS, Copenhagen, Darmstadt, EastLansing, Frankfurt, Luebeck, Malmoe,

produces a warning of the following nature when typeset with XeLaTeX:

** WARNING ** Annotation out of page boundary.
** WARNING ** Current page's MediaBox: [0 0 362.835 272.126]
** WARNING ** Annotation: [161.664 264.278 172.913 273.053]
** WARNING ** Maybe incorrect paper size specified.

The same warning also appears with the other themes listed in the comment after \usetheme but not with other themes.

I have the texlive 2012 distribution the packages are up to date: beamer 2011/09/12 development version 3.22 polyglossia 1.2.1

Comments (4)

  1. Joseph Wright

    This comes down to the font change that happens when fontspec is loaded (by polyglossia) and how this affects the headline template. I will adjust the settings in this area later today (on the wrong PC at present).

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