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Issue #224 resolved

Messed up item labels

Gábor Braun
created an issue

Minimal example

Beamer version used:

beamer 2010/06/21 development version 3.10 A class for typesetting presentations (rcs-revision a6b1a8434d30)

Example document:



\begin{frame}[<+->]{List test}
  \item[B] foo
  \item[O] bar
\item[F] empty


Proposed solution

The problem stems from wrapping \item inside an environment (actionenv) erroneously cancelling all local changes made by \item:

  • setting @paritem to false
  • setting up \everypar to handle item content (\item and \end{list} relies on it to handle a previous empty item)

The proposed change is to handle empty items by beamer just before \end{actionenv} (by the same code as LaTeX would do) and set @paritem to false after it:

--- /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/beamer/base/beamerbaseoverlay.sty    2012-06-28 11:19:42.000000000 +0200
+++ beamerbaseoverlay.sty   2012-11-11 19:20:49.554030002 +0100
@@ -488,7 +488,13 @@

-  \gdef\beamer@closeitem{\end{actionenv}}%
+  \gdef\beamer@closeitem{%
+    %% Handle empty item as LaTeX would do
+    \if@inlabel\indent\par\fi
+    \end{actionenv}%
+    %% Local change inside actionenv should survive, and should be
+    %% always false
+    \@noparitemfalse}%

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