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Issue #230 resolved

Problem with \lecture command

Jürgen Koch
created an issue

In version 3.25 of the beamer package the \lecture command doesn't work properly.

Only the first two letters of the label are read, the following letters produce a new frame. This is a pity to me, because I use beamer for my whole courses with several hundreds of frames.

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  1. Joseph Wright
    • changed status to open

    Could you add an example .tex file (always best if you do rather than me make one and miss something). I think I know what the issue here might be caused by: certainly will look to fix it a.s.a.p.

  2. Jürgen Koch reporter

    (Reply via j.k...@haw-aw.de):

    Dear Joseph,

    please find 5 files included:

    ltma.beamer.tex - used to produce the slides LTMA.tex - main document the other 3 are input-files, usually placed in specific subdirectories



    Prof. Dr.-Ing. J=FCrgen Koch Werkstoff-, Laser- und Oberfl=E4chentechnik Studiengangsleiter Innovationsfokussierter Maschinenbau (Master)=20

    Hochschule Amberg-Weiden Fakult=E4t Maschinenbau/Umwelttechnik Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 23 92224 Amberg

    Tel.: +49 9621 482 3315 E-Mail: j.koch@haw-aw.de

    Am 04.01.2013 um 10:47 schrieb Joseph Wright = issues-reply@bitbucket.org:

  3. Joseph Wright

    No attachments showing up here! It's usually easiest if you simply paste a demo into the comments area. Alternatively, send the demo to me by e-mail (joseph.wright@morningstar2.co.uk) and I'll edit it in.

  4. Joseph Wright

    Minimal example:


    As noted, the problem is having three or more characters in the label, and it only shows up with \includeonlylecture.

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