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enumerate vs. beamerarticle

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Hi all,

Thanks for making beamer live again, it's one of the most beautiful existing tools.

First, a small grief: I download the zip, and I can't make use of it, because it's full to $Header$, which, apparently, cause plenty of parse errors. I had to comment out a couple of lines involving \beamer@parseid to get it to work.

Now to the point.

The enumerate package seems to be very well supported in the beamer class, but it does not work at all in the beamerarticle mode. This is a pity. The doc does mention that you have to usepackage enumerate yourself, but it makes no difference. The following example shows that it does not work. Remove the beamerarticle use to see what the expected output is.

Cheers! {{{


\documentclass{article} \usepackage{beamerarticle} \usepackage{enumerate}


\begin{enumerate}[(1)] \item Foo \begin{enumerate}[(i)] \item bar \item baz \end{enumerate} \item Foo \begin{enumerate}[i --- ] \item bar \item baz \item quux \end{enumerate} \end{enumerate}


%%% Local Variables: %%% mode: latex %%% TeX-master: t %%% End: }}}

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  1. Vedran Miletić repo owner

    This is nontrivial. Beamer style files redefine enumerate environment. We could probably implement this functionality within beamer itself easier than fix compatibility with this package (and this is a good idea in my opinion).

    Perhaps Joseph can provide some insight here, as he has more experience with (La)TeX programming.

  2. akim reporter

    I do expect this to be non-trivial, yet I also suspect it should not be too hard, since the features of {enumerate} *are* supported in the beamer mode, it's only in article mode that something goes wrong.

    Thanks a lot for having had a look at it!

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