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Issue #240 duplicate

miniframes don't render without subsection

created an issue

(Using the latest commit from 3/22 2013): The miniframes won't render at all unless I have at least one subsection:

% Doesnt matter if subsection is true or false. Both wont render any mini
% frames for the first section

\listfiles%Using: de9f4ac828a9 from 3/22/2013

\section{Section only}
\section{Two subsec}
\subsection{ss 1}
\subsection{ss 2}
\section{No subsec}


Here is the result, for both subsection=false and true: beamer bug

There has been this report before Issue #172

But I really think it's not intuitive if I cannot mix section/subsection. I think it's often that the Introduction/Review will have no subsection and then the meat of the talk will have a few.
Right now, sections w/o subsection simply will never be rendered. No matter what I set subsection to.
Even if I remove all subsection commands, it won't display me any miniframes at all then.

Cheers & thanks for all the great work! :)

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  1. Joseph Wright

    As detailed in the linked issue, this is now documented. Underlying this is the fact that Till really did not make supporting subsections particularly easy, and without a complete rewrite of large blocks of internal code this is not fixable.

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