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Issue #249 resolved

When substituting math fonts, custom weights are not respected

created an issue

To use the "light" weight of a font for normal text and the "medium" weight instead of bold I employ the following lines in my preamble (the actual font I'm using is lato but I don't think it is crucial):


I noticed that beamer automatically uses the selected font also for math, but with the default weights, not the ones I selected. I solved the problem by making a local copy of beamerbasefont.sty and substituting {m} with {\mddefault} and {bx} with {\bfdefault} in the (I think) relevant lines: I don't know if this approach is correct or if it breaks something else. I'm attaching the patch I use for beamerbasefont.sty (with respect to beamer version in texlive 2012), below is a minimal example.


  Look at the difference between 1 and $1$, or at $x+y$.

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