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Issue #256 open

beamer/beamerarticle: mode specification for frame doesn't work as expected

created an issue

In the following example the \section comand (and its argument) is ignored as expected. But not all the content of the frame: The text and the first \tikz are not printed but the unknown color gives two errors (as do also unknown commands) and the graphics appears on the page (eso-pic is needed to get this effect). A \stepcounter{section} in the frame is executed too.

I also tested the other way round: A \begin{frame}<article> in a beamer document: This doesn't work either. Is this a bug? (There is no problem if I use explicit \mode commands.)



\section<presentation>{This section exists 
  \tikz\draw[color=unknowncolorA] (1,1)rectangle (0,0); 
 only in the presentation modes}

  some text
 \tikz\draw[fill=red] (1,1)rectangle (0,0);
 \tikz\draw[color=unknowncolorB] (1,1)rectangle (0,0);


See also http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/130768/beamer-beamerarticle-mode-specification-for-frame-doesnt-work-as-expected

Ulrike Fischer