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Issue #260 resolved

background canvas inserts “page.n” after TeX Live upgrade

created an issue

The following MWE shows the problem that setting the background canvas empty beamer inserts page anchors like page.1 on every frame. I can add a white background but the text still appears in the PDF (try ctrl + A) …

page anchor on frame


\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}{%
    % this will hide (overlay) the text
    %\color{black!15}\vrule width \paperwidth height\paperheight

    Baz 1

The problem occurs after upgrading form TL ’12 to TL 13’ and I can switch the problem on and off by switching between both distributions (on MacTeX this can be done from the system preferences).

Is this a bug in the new beamer version or did something change that I missed?

The file lists form \listfiles can be found on pastebin.com:

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