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Issue #267 resolved

Corrections, suggestions and ideas for Croatian dictionaries

Ivan Kokan
created an issue


I've checked all latest beamer Croatian dictionaries and I have some ideas for you how to improve them.

According to new Orthography released by Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, some spellings are prioritized/recommended while others are just allowed. This is supposed to be an "official" Croatian orthography (required by law), so I think these corrections must be done:

\providetranslation{Disadvantages}{Nedostatci} % notice there's a bug in this line (line 11) - uppercase "D" should be used!


Check: http://pravopis.hr/rjecnik/ => nedostatak mn. N nedostatci <nedostaci> => zadatak mn. N zadatci <zadaci>

Also, I think there should be lowercase "I" in these three lines, and abbreviation "izvj." should be used, e.g. see Croatian definitions for babelbib:

\providetranslation{Tech. Rep.}{Tehn.\ izvj.}
\providetranslation{Technical Reports}{Tehni\v cki izvje\v staji}
\providetranslation{Technical Report}{Tehni\v cki izvje\v staj}

Number dictionary contains two errors - it should be "eighth" and "twelfth" (maybe you should check other dictionaries about this):


Here are some corrections and suggestions for basic dictionary:

\providetranslation{See also}{Tako\dj er vidjeti}
\providetranslation{see also}{tako\dj er vidjeti}
\providetranslation{Related Work}{Povezani radovi}
\providetranslation{Sketch of Proofs}{Skica dokaza}
\providetranslation{Sketch of Proof}{Skica dokaza}

In which context keyword "To" is used? Maybe "Do" and "do" should be used instead of "Za" and "za"?

"Outline" could be "Pregled", "Shema", "Nacrt" or "Obris"?

I'd rather pick abbreviation ("pril.") xor singular xor plural here:


Finally, I think you should consider these translations (I think they're more appropriate):

\providetranslation{Main Theorems}{Glavni teoremi}
\providetranslation{main theorems}{glavni teoremi}
\providetranslation{Main Theorem}{Glavni teorem}
\providetranslation{main theorem}{glavni teorem}
\providetranslation{Key Lemmas}{Klju\v cne leme} % or "Bitne"
\providetranslation{key lemmas}{klju\v cne leme} % or "bitne"
\providetranslation{Key Lemma}{Klju\v cna lema} % or "Bitna"
\providetranslation{key lemma}{klju\v cna lema} % or "bitna"
\providetranslation{Key Observations}{Klju\v cne primjedbe} % or "Bitne", maybe "Zapa\v zanja"
\providetranslation{key observations}{klju\v cne primjedbe} % or "bitne", maybe "zapa\v zanja"
\providetranslation{Key Observation}{Klju\v cna primjedba} % or "Bitna", maybe "Zapa\v zanje"
\providetranslation{key observation}{klju\v cna primjedba} % or "bitna", maybe "zapa\v zanje"
\providetranslation{Observations}{Primjedbe} % maybe "Zapa\v zanja"
\providetranslation{observations}{primjedbe} % maybe "zapa\v zanja"
\providetranslation{Observation}{Primjedba} % maybe "Zapa\v zanje"
\providetranslation{observation}{primjedba} % maybe "zapa\v zanje"

I hope this will give us much better Croatian translations.

Kind regards, Ivan Kokan

Comments (11)

  1. Ivan Kokan reporter

    Hi Joseph! No problem, I'll prepare it today or tomorrow. Should I create my own branch and work inside it? I think Vedran is the most appropriate person to check my proposal.

    Kind regards, Ivan

  2. Ivan Kokan reporter

    Hi, I'm ready to commit changes or copy patch contents (I can't generate patch file before commiting, but only export its contents in plain format). Which option you prefer?

    Kind regards, Ivan

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