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Issue #268 duplicate

Incompatibility of beamer with caption package

Anonymous created an issue

One of the recent updates seems to have introduced an incompatibility of beamer with the caption package. Loading only beamer and caption results in

LaTeX Info: Redefining \includegraphics on input line 25.
Package caption Info: Begin \AtBeginDocument code.
Package caption Info: Incompatible package detected (regarding \caption).
(caption)             \caption = macro:->\ifx \@captype \@undefined \@latex@err
or {\noexpand \caption outside figure or table}\@ehd \expandafter \@gobble \els
e \refstepcounter \@captype \expandafter \@firstofone \fi {\@dblarg {\@caption 
\@captype }}.

In earlier versions of Beamer, both still work together without problems

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