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Issue #27 resolved

Page numbers when using \addcontentsline

Anonymous created an issue

Hi, I'm so happy to see a new maintainer has been found that I want to enter this seemingly minor issue here. I had posted about it on comp.text.tex but never really reported it as a bug.

In presentations, usually, the outline at the beginning does not contain page numbers as a table of contents in an article does. However, when using \addcontentsline{toc}{...}{...} directly to add a comment to the outline, the frame number is added to the end of the added material.

Specifying \renewcommand\addcontentsline[3]{\addtocontents{#1}{\protect\contentsline{#2}{#3}}} in the document fixes this, but it really should be fixed in the package, unless maybe you are not supposed to use addcontentsline in beamer at all (is there a beamer command for this which I missed in the docs?)

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