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Issue #270 open

Problems with \pause inside tikzpicture

created an issue

As is described in Tabular inside tcolorbox breaks beamer \pause?, \pause in tikzpicture breaks footline or Missing footer on first Beamer slide of TikZ example a \pause command inside a tikzpicture breaks some frames.


\usetheme{Madrid} % Has a footline.

      \node at (0, 1) {Hello};
      \node at (0, 0) {World};
%      \onslide<1->

In TeX.SX is suggested to use \onslide<1-> as last line in tikzpicture to solve the problem.

If it's not possible to correct this behaviour, may be a comment about it into the manual would help.

Comments (4)

  1. Zou Hu

    In fact this bug is about overlay commands inside pgfpicture environments. A minimal example showing this bug is as follows:


    Note that by the default setting \setbeamercovered{invisible}, both \onslide (also \pause) and \onslide+ without optional arguments are implemented by \pgfsys@begininvisible and \pgfsys@endinvisible commands.

    Inside pgfsys.code.tex I find the following definitions:


    It means that \pgfsys@begininvisible and \pgfsys@endinvisible are just two pdf shifting transforms in opposite directions.

    When a pgfpicture environment ends, all pdf transforms inside it will be discarded. Therefore after it we have only an unmatch \pgfsys@endinvisible in effect, causing the missing footline.

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