Issue #273 resolved

footline problem with 3.31

Anonymous created an issue


We're experiencing a problem with beamer 3.31. It worked with 3.27. Aim: logo in bottom left corner, page number in bottom right corner. In 3.31 however, the logo becomes centered on the page and both "Some text" and page number are no longer visible.

Regards, Stefan

\defbeamertemplate*{footline}{my theme dark}
   \usebeamerfont{frame number in foot}%
   \usebeamercolor[cantgrey]{frame number in foot}Some%
   \usebeamerfont{frame number in foot}%
   \usebeamercolor[cantgrey]{frame number in foot}text%
    \usebeamerfont{frame number in foot}%
    \usebeamercolor[cantgrey]{frame number in foot}\insertframenumber{}/\inserttotalframenumber%

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