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Issue #276 invalid

The sizes (in mm) of the slides are a desaster

Anonymous created an issue

I would like to use my EPS figures from my PhD thesis to be included using beamer.

But the thesis prints on A4, while 'beamer.cls' uses very different numbers for the page size.

Now it seems, that I really have to re-create (!) each single figure of that thesis, in order to be at least able to give the presentation.

I have 1 week of time.

That's really not the way things are supposed to be!

It would be much easier for me to change the size of the text (or fonts), compared to changing every graphic completely.

Should I use PowerPoint instead. I'm likely to do so.

I always loved LaTeX, but ...

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  1. Joseph Wright

    Slides simply are not the same size/shape as paper pages, and need laying out 'by hand' at least to some extent. Scaling images relative to the paper/text/column width is the recommended approach. As such, I'm afraid this is an INVALID bug.

  2. Michael Heil

    Hi I'm back and no longer anonymous.

    I know that I touched the heart of beamer requesting that the dimensions of the pages should change.

    Still that's my view.

    I created EPS figures for a thesis that is typeset using LaTeX for paper printout (in this case A4, but it may be as well US letter etc.).

    That will be the usual case for many who have to make a presentation based on their thesis, in case they use LaTeX and not Microsoft Word and whatever Apps.

    Thank you, Mike

  3. Vedran Miletić repo owner

    Hi Michael,

    as Joseph pointed out, scaling images like


    is the recommended approach.

    If that doesn't suit you, feel free to take the beamer code and modify it to suit your needs.

  4. Michael Heil

    Meanwhile I had my presentation.

    Thank you for your advice ! It was very helpful.

    Yes it's true, in the end it doesn't matter what the size of the slide is in terms of 'artificial' [mm] which aren't [mm] in the end.

    The beamer, i.e. the physical device, has a fixed size, so the graphics have to be scaled, either way or the other. That's it.

    Thank you again,


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