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Issue #278 resolved

Tikz overlay breaks footer

created an issue

Hello, the following example produces a wrong result:





\begin{frame}% [fragile] -- doesn't help

  Frame 1

  Frame 2

  Frame 3


In the first frame, bevor the overlay is shown, the footer is missing. The other 2 slides render correctly. The PDF and images showing my result can be found here I tried 3 PDF viewers, so i really do think this is a problem within beamer. I attached the compilation log. The problem occurs with the most recent texlive version and with the current bitbucket head.

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  1. thomas001le reporter
    1. Note: The \onslide<1-> was put in there as some stackoverflow posts suggested this could solve the issue, which does not work here. the error does also occur without the \onslide<1->

    2. Note: Tracked it down to 39bc573. this commit introduces the problem.

  2. Joseph Wright

    Ah, I see what you are getting at: if you remove the \onslide<1-> business then there is a difference in behaviour. I'll have to look at how TikZ implements overlay, I guess.

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