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Issue #280 resolved

beamerarticle issue with picture environment

created an issue

There is a problem with the LaTeX picture environment:

a picture is formatted correctly for a beamer presentation, but the lines disappear when formatted for a printed version based on beamerarticle. I attach 3 files packed as .tar.gz-file: 1. a master file for the presentation 2. a master file for the article output 3. an example file read by the two files above

This issue is analogous to issue 203, but in 203 there were pictures in the frame environment, here I have pictures outside of a frame environment.

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  1. J_Hoffmann reporter

    Am Sonntag, den 26.01.2014, 17:04 +0000 schrieb Joseph Wright:

    I use TeXlive 2013 and beamer 3.33 of December 2013. I attach the source and the log files (with the \listfiles output) and the resulting pdf files.

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