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Issue #283 invalid

Endless loop on compiling a file with \item followed by Russian text enclosed in quotes

Anatoly Trosinenko
created an issue

pdflatex enters endless loop when compiles some beamer files in batchmode. This bug was found on Ubuntu 13.10 (latex-beamer is installed from Ubuntu repository) and reproduced in MikTeX on Win7 so I report it upstream.

How to reproduce

Compile the following example with pdflatex:




    \frametitle{Test frame}
        \item <<АБВ>> test string
        %\item {}<<АБВ>> test string
        %\item <<ABC>> test string
        \item String without quotes


It will show several errors in an endless loop (so it hangs in batchmode). If I put {} before <<, it works fine. The same example with Latin-only letters compiles with several errors but in a finite time.

I realize that this is probably because quote syntax interferes with slide number syntax, but compiler not just shows an error but hangs. This makes problems for Texmaker, for example.

Comments (1)

  1. Joseph Wright

    I get several errors with this input: the first is

    ! Missing number, treated as zero.
    <to be read again> 
    l.17 \end{frame}

    It's entirely unsurprising that you can then get an infinite loop: this is quite common if you ignore errors in TeX (which is Turing-complete). The problem here is faulty input, so I'm afraid this is INVALID.

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