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Issue #30 open

Add a template for the contents of the sidebar

Anonymous created an issue

The contents of the sidebar "header" (title and author) seem to be hardcoded in \defbeamertemplate*{sidebar \beamer@sidebarside}{sidebar theme}{...} in beamerouterthemesidebar.sty. It would be useful to have a template for this so that you can re-define it without having to redefine the whole thing. The sections and subsections are fine, but in my case I would like to add the lecture title, and I could imagine wanting to add the date or other things in there.

Comments (3)

  1. fmms

    I am not sure if this ticket applies to the footer and header in other themes too.

    But looking on the internet, you find a lot of links that redefine the whole footline just to have a title or framenumber there. Would be really cool to have an easier solution for this ...

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