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Issue #302 wontfix

Inconsistency with other font packages regarding \mathrm

Anonymous created an issue

Other popular font packages that define a sans-serif math font, also redefine \mathrm. This leads to the de-facto standard that \mathrm means "upright math font" and "roman" can be read as "standard, upright, non-bold, non-italic" (the same was you can buy a "Helvetica Roman" font wich is just the upright standard version). With beamer, it is harder – and inconsistent – to get upright math.

Beamer is the one exception, not redefining \mathrm. I suggest it does, corresponding to the standard defined by popular packages such as cmbright, sfmath, arevmath.

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{cmbright} \begin{document} $abc\mathrm{abc}$ \end{document}

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