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Issue #38 resolved

How to invoke short section name

created an issue

In beamer we can defined section as \section< mode specification >[ short section name ]{ section name }

I want to invoke the "short section name" in the frame title. As I know, \secname can invoke the " section name", \subsecname the "subsection name" and \lastsubsection the "short subsection name". However, I didn't find a method for invoking the "short section name".

Any suggestion is appreciate.

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  1. said reporter

    Now I modified the /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/beamer/base/beamerbasesection.sty as the following:

    line 174

    % {\long\def\secname{#1}}%


    {\advance\beamer@tocsectionnumber by 1\relax%

    % \long\def\secname{#2}\addtocontents{toc}{\protect\beamer@sectionintoc{\the\c@section}{#2}{\the\c@page}{\the\c@part}%





    The error still happened

    ! Undefined control sequence. \insertframetitle ->{\lastsection

  2. said reporter

    I am sorry for a stupid mistake I made.

    Actually working code is in my home directory and I modified the file in /usr/share

    Anyway the code works very well.

    Thanks for you help.

  3. Anonymous

    \lastsection works beautifully to invoke the "short section name" (paired with \section<mode specification>[short section name]{section name} \providecommand\lastsection {} as you suggested in another forum)

    but the name \lastsection per se is a bit misleading (took me whole day + peeking into the .sty code to figure it out). why such a name and not just \shortsection ???


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