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Old CTAN repository

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Hi guys,

I appreciate people spending their spare time on developing something that is useful to others but why (on earth) was the CTAN repository with the old beamer class files taken down before the new version is finished?

Cheers, Michael H

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  1. Joseph Wright

    Sorry, don't follow. We submit the code to CTAN as it is released and the team there replace the older with the newer version. We never ask them to remove from CTAN at any stage. There was a temporary CTAN issue yesterday (not just beamer: quite a big problem), which might have lead to beamer disappearing for a few hours.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi and thanks for your reply,

    I added the usual


    to my latex file, after which my Miktex installation asked me whether the package should be installed. I clicked yes but Miktex failed to install with error 404 - package not found. I checked CTAN and it said the package doesn't exist. I installed the old beamer package manually and so don't know now whether the problem still exists. Hopefully, it was just because CTAN was down.

    Cheers, Michael

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