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Nested items in notes itemize/enumerate don't inherit font size of surrounding text

created an issue

Nested items in itemize or enumerate in notes do not inherit the size of the outer items.

For example, I have the following in my document

\AtBeginNote{ \tiny }

but only initial text and the outermost nest of items are tiny. Inner nests of items are normalsize.

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  1. Vedran Miletić repo owner

    I looked into this, it's actually a feature. itemize and enumerate fontsizes are part of the theme, so you can get different font sizes with changing:

    \setbeamerfont{itemize/enumerate subbody}{size=\small}
    \setbeamerfont{itemize/enumerate subsubbody}{size=\footnotesize}
  2. michaelaoash reporter

    (Reply via ma...@econs.umass.edu):

    I think that an earlier comment explained both that this gives additional flexibility and how size can be set with a single theme change.--Michael

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