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More slide thumbnails in notes

created an issue

This request would apply to material on page 176 of the User Guide v. 3.06.

I love giving talks with the notes on the second screen. It's one of the best of latex-beamer's many excellent features.

It would be neat to be able to see thumbnails of the current slide, next slide, and perhaps the previous slide at the top of the notes on the second screen. In the current version, the notes screen displays a thumbnail of the current slide, but it would be really nice if the default were to display thumbnails of the current slide and the next slide.

An alternative would be to modify \insertslideintonotes so that it is possible to specify an arbitrary slide number.

This would be very helpful because it could cue remarks such as, "On the next slide I will show you..."

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear all,

    I quickly wrote a modification of beamerbasenotes.sty that does exactly what michaelaoash asked; you can download it at


    From a user perspective there is a just a new command, \insertnextslideintonotes, which works exactly like \insertslideintonotes (but of corse substitutes next slide). A few warnings

    1. I wrote the modification in ten minutes and tested in five, so bugs are more than likely...
    2. For the moment it only works if *every* slides has notes. This however would be very easy to fix.
    3. The last slide is not shown. A quick turnaround is to put an empty slide at the end of the presentation. Again, that should be easy to fix.

    Let me know if you believe this is OK or if you find bugs. Regards,


  2. fmms

    I could not get this to work:

    I created:

    fm@thinkpad:~/be # cat bug.tex 
    \setbeameroption{show notes on second screen=right}
     \item first
    \note[item]{should be on one}
    \note[item]{should be on one}
    \note[item]{should be on one}
    \note[item]{should be on one}

    but got:

    LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/cmss/m/n' in size <4> not available
    (Font)              size <5> substituted on input line 22.
    ! Undefined control sequence.
    \pgfmathsetlength ...\pgfmath@onquick #2\pgfmath@ 
                                                      {\begingroup \pgfmath@sele...
    l.22 \end{frame}
  3. Anonymous

    The example is wrong. The command needs a parameter:


    Now it's working. Thank you! :)

  4. Anonymous

    I've used the beamerbasenotes.sty class linked above. I get a pdf with the next slide, as requested. I can open it with Skim and Preview on a Mac. But if I try to use SplitShow, it crashes with the following reasons:

    Assertion failed: (nbNotes >= 0), function +[SSDocument parseNAVFileFromStr:slides1:slides2:], file /Users/ctourner/SplitShow/src/SSDocument.m, line 386

    I was wondering if anyone has observed a similar behavior.



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