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Issue #62 duplicate

Resume enumerate over frames

Anonymous created an issue

Hey ya,

it tried to resume the numbering over two and more frames.

I tried the solution offered here (http://www.latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=9362&start=10#), but this changes the nice retangle enumerates to "normal" looking numbers, ... and is more a hack than a solution.

I would be nice to have a solution within the beamer-class which resumes the numbers over any number of frames.

\begin{frame}{title}{subtitle I} \begin{itemize}[<+->]

    \item First item
    \item Second item
    \item Third item

\end{frame} \begin{frame}{title}{subtitle II} \begin{itemize}[<+->][resume]

    \item Fourth item
    \item Fifth item
    \item Sixth item


Frame 1

title subtitle I ========================

     1. First item

     2. Second item

     3. Third item

Frame 2

title subtitle II ========================

     4. Fourth item

     5. Fifth item

     6. Sixth item

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