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Issue #6 resolved

Stop frame numbering after a slide

Anonymous created an issue


(Re-submitting SourceForge feature request. Not //that// important, but I'd appreciate having this in Beamer)

I have a presentation with, say, 47 slides, and 3 "backup slides" that I'll use only if I get questions about them.

Currently, the last slide is numbered 47/50 (and the backup slides are 48/50, 49/50 and 50/50). So, when I show the presentation, the public still expects something at the end.

I have a dirty hack:

{{{ \newcommand{\noframenumber}% {\makeatletter\global\advance\c@framenumber by-1\relax\makeatother} }}}

and the presentation ends with

{{{ \noframenumber \begin{frame} \frametitle{Backup slides}


\noframenumber \begin{frame} ... \end{frame} }}}

But I'd like something cleaner, like "\stopframenumbering", "\backupslides" or perhaps "\appendix".

Another option would be to allow

{{{ \begin{frame}[nonumber] ... \end{frame} }}}

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