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Issue #78 resolved

lost alignment between columns

created an issue


I've found a little problem with top aligned columns in a frame. Please, test attached example. You will see that itemized environments are not aligned when the frame has [t] option and they look good with the centered frame default option.

Do you know what's wrong?

Thank you,


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  1. Vedran Miletić repo owner

    I know how to fix it, and it's quite easy, but I'm not sure if it will break something else. If you need the fix badly, replace lines 256--260 in beamerbaseframe.sty which read:




    This will fix it.

  2. svenkoehler

    Why is this still on hold? I just hit this bug and an itemize in columns on a top-align frame really looks very bad!

    A workaround that can be copy/pasted into the document itself is the following:

    %%% taken from beamerbaseframe.sty
    \define@key{beamerframe}{t}[true]{% top
      \beamer@frametopskip=.2cm plus .5\paperheight\relax%
      \beamer@framebottomskip=0pt plus 1fill\relax%

    which was suggested here: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/16447/beamer-top-aligning-columns-within-a-top-aligned-frame

  3. Joseph Wright

    Drop special treatment of first itemise spacing (fixes #78)

    I'm leaving the code which allows the rest of the mechanism to work: we don't use it with this change, but it's not entirely clear what is really going on (there are no notes anywhere in the code).

    → <<cset 6c3020f0ae71>>

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