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Issue #80 resolved

Frankfurt theme

created an issue

In the Frankfurt theme (and probably also in related themes), for the formating of the sections and bullets in the upper part only the length of section title is taken into account, not the number of slides (=number of bullets). Thus if the last section has a short title, the bullets are likely to run out of the slide. (A sample is attached.)

Once one has figured out the reason for this happening, there is of course an easy workaround: name the last section



\section{short~~~} }}}

instead of



\section{short} }}}

However this is certainly not very elegant.

Comments (4)

  1. Joseph Wright

    Correct for short section titles with long nav. symbol lists (fixes issue #80)

    As the symbols are not collected up, there cannot be a simple box comparison at the end. However, the wdith required can still be calculated, which is what is required.


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