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Issue #81 resolved

beameruserguide lacks index; cannot regenerate beameruserguide

created an issue

I have the version of beamer currently on CTAN/in TL 2010. I tried to figure out if this issue had already been reported and/or fixed and cannot see anything.

beameruserguide.pdf lacks an index. beameruserguide.tex seems to still include instructions for making an index as does the Makefile in the doc directory. However, attempting make fails because make looks for theme files which do not exist.

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  1. Anonymous

    On my system (after downloading the whole CTAN-ZIP of the beamer-directory), I can not run neither 'make' nor 'make all'. Make does not know how to produce the 'beamerugtheme%.pdf' files. And, honestly, I have no idea of the 'make' syntax ...

    The '%.sty' files for the themes seem to be in the right place, where the Makefile indicates they should be, but still I get the following output whatever I try, on different systems and with up-to-date installations of TeXLive:

    user@machine:/Desktop/beamer/doc$ make all touch beameruserguide.idx makeindex beameruserguide.idx This is makeindex, version 2.15 [TeX Live 2009] (kpathsea + Thai support). Scanning input file beameruserguide.idx...done (0 entries accepted, 0 rejected). Nothing written in beameruserguide.ind. Transcript written in beameruserguide.ilg. make: * No rule to make target `beamerugthemeAnnArbor.pdf', needed by `beameruserguide.pdf'. Stop.

    Unfortunately, also all beameruserguide.pdf files I can find for version 3.10 seem to miss the index. Also, the pagenumber-references in the table of contents are off by 5. Something seems to be wrong with the makefile.

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