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Issue #88 on hold

Bug in example for multiple screen usage ?

Anonymous created an issue

The following code is taken from the beamer documentation for multiple screen usage but produces a compiler error:



\setbeameroption{second mode text on second screen}


\begin{frame}[typeset second]

This text is shown on the left and on the right.

\only<second>{This text is only shown on the right.} \only<second:0>{This text is only shown on the left.}



This text is shown on the left. The right shows the same as for the previous frame.


\begin{frame}[typeset second]

\alt<second>{The \string\alt command is useful for second mode. Let's show the table of contents, here: \tableofcontents}

{Here comes some normal text for the first slide.}



I get the compiler error: Undefined control sequence.

When I erase the options [typeset second] for the first and third frame, no error is reported. (The result is of course not the wanted one.)

What is wrong?

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  1. Florian Buenger

    Dear Vedran,

    thanks for your response. I use TeX Live with the integrated Latex Environment KILE (http://kile.sourceforge.net/) on an openSuse Linux-System. I want to use "second mode text on second screen" for slides for a lecture.

    I attached the log-File test.log of the compilation of the example from the beamer documentation that produces the errors. May be you can see something from it. (The errors are reporeted in lines 735 and 755.)

    Best regards,


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