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Issue #8 resolved

beamer should generate pdf page labels using hyperref

Chung-chieh Shan
created an issue


hyperref version 6.75p disables pdfpagelabels if \thepage is undefined when hyperref is loaded, which is the case when the first line of the document is \documentclass{beamer}. Instead, beamer should (1) define \thepage earlier so that hyperref enables pdfpagelabels; (2) use the \thispdfpagelabel macro (introduced in hyperref version 6.71f) to set the pdf page label on every frame. Currently, I achieve these effects by saying

\mode<presentation>{\setbeamertemplate{sidebar left}{\thispdfpagelabel{\insertframenumber}}}

in my presentation document. The page labels are useful because they ease navigation in PDF viewers such as Acrobat Reader and pspresent (the latter in conjunction with the next version of pdftops from poppler).

Thank you!

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