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Issue #90 resolved

Bookmarks lost with the ignorenonframetext option

Anonymous created an issue

Hi all. This is a followup to issue #55 (-> http://bitbucket.org/rivanvx/beamer/issue/55/bookmarks-lost-in-presentation-mode <-)

The ignorenonframetext option also removes the bookmarks from the pdflatex output file. This is a change from old behavior and anyway this goes beyond the stated purpose.

Even adding hyperref={bookmarks=true} doesn't overcome this behavior.

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  1. Anonymous

    All right, here you are

    \documentclass[ignorenonframetext,xcolor={table,svgnames}]{beamer} %% slides
    %%%% Bookmarks appear if one uncomments the following line instead
    %%\documentclass[xcolor={table,svgnames}]{beamer} %% slides
    %%\documentclass[handout,xcolor={table,svgnames}]{beamer} %% handouts
    \mode<article> % only for the article version
      colorlinks        =false,%    
      urlcolor          =green,%
      plainpages        =false,%
      % pdfpagemode       =None,%
      pdfpagelabels     =true,%
      % pdfstartview      =FitH,%     % Page fits horizontally.
      % pdfpagelayout     =SinglePage,% One page at a time
      bookmarks         =true,%
      bookmarksnumbered =true,%
      bookmarksopen     =true,%
      % bookmarksopenlevel=1,%
      % pdfborder         = {0 0 0}%    % No border
      naturalnames%                   % for algorithm2e
      %%\usetheme{Montpellier} % handout
      \usetheme{Frankfurt} % slides
      \useinnertheme{rounded} % circles
      \pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[a4paper,border shrink=2mm,landscape]
      \setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=black!2} 
    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Preamble ends here %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    \section*{Lecture contents}
    \section{Brief overview}
    \subsection{Goals of this session}
    \begin{frame}{Our goals}
      \item Bug 1
      \item Bug 2
    \begin{frame}{Our solutions}
      \item Patch 1
      \item Patch 2
    \section{Beamer everywhere}
    \subsection{Good doc}
    \begin{frame}{Good doc}
      \item Manual
      \item Tutorials
      \item Examples
    \subsection{Only problem}
    \begin{frame}{New themes are a pain ...}
      \item Configuration spread everywhere
      \item No theme template
  2. Anonymous

    Hi again, a new update.

    Seems to be a regression bug introduced some time along the way. It seems to be a bad interaction between the starred version of \section and the ignorenonframetext option of beamer. Could you fix this now?


  3. Joseph Wright

    Alternative method to restore \Hy@writebookmarks

    This is needed as when \mode* is active, the old restore method is gobbled, and we can't really tack onto the end of \org@beamer@section as we don't know the arg. spec.

    This fixes issue #90, but needs some testing!


  4. Anonymous


    Thanks for the fix. It worked.

    One point though: there is a glitch in the way the zip (and possibly gz and bz2 as well) downloadable source archive is built. The RCS expansion didn't take place so a drop-in replacement of beamerbasecompatibility.sty in my texmf tree results in a failure. I had to manually expand $Header: $ (see line 11 of said .sty file).

    I don't know if hg archive is enough with the hg keyword extension enabled.

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