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beamer / INSTALL

Installing the Beamer class

* TeX stuff:

  + For the impatient:

    Put all files somewhere where TeX can find them. Also install the following
    packages somewhere where TeX can find them:

    - pgf, version >= 1.00
    - xcolor, version >= 2.00

   + Long version:

     In the users guide, which you can find in the file doc/beameruserguide.pdf,
     you will find a detailed explanation on how to install the beamer class.

* LyX Stuff:

  The LyX documentation is part of the users guide doc/beameruserguide.pdf. It
  also explains how to install the LyX-related files.

* Emacs Stuff:

  There is a file emacs/beamer.el that adds some beamer stuff to emacs' AucTeX
  mode. Read the instructions in that file on how to install it.