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beamer / ChangeLog

2003-10-13 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.82:
	- Short versions of title, authors, institute can now be specified
	  as optional parameters.
	- Fixed problem with the usage of commands (like \LaTeX) in
	  \section and \subsection commands.

2003-10-09 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.81:
	- Fixed problems with french babel styles.
	- Fixed problems with pdfmark.def
	- Fixed bugs in user guide
	- Fixed problem with using commands inside overlay specifications
 	  (you can now write \uncover<\value{xxx}>{something})
	- Changed version numbering to become compatible with debian
	  package manager

2003-10-01 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.80:
	- Renamed \line to \beamerline to avoid clash with LaTeX standard
	- Added transition effects.
	- Expanded documentation.

2003-09-30 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.71:
	- Added bibliography environment and appropriate templates.
	- Added \temporal command.
2003-09-26 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.70:
	- Added per-frame resets for counters. Fixed a problem with wrong
	  numbers in equations in overlays.
	- Fonts can now easily be changed.

2003-09-23 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.62:
	- Added a description environment.

2003-09-22 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.61:
	- Bugfix to make the class work with both old and new versions of 

2003-09-19 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.60:
	- Bugfix for overlays and environments that internally use
	- Bugfix for overlays and lists - no more whobbling.
	- Added overprint environment and overlayarea environment.
2003-09-18 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.52:
	- Left and right margins can now be changed.
	- In \section commands, you can now use formulas and line breaks.
	- More documentation, especially on how to put several slides on
	  one page.
	- Workflow documentation.
	- Two new themes. One of them needs version 0.11 of pgfshade.sty
	  to work.

2003-08-31 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.50:
	- Added options handout and trans.
	- Moved predefined templates to new file beamertemplates.sty	
	- \titlepage must be put into a frame now
	- Added notes management.

2003-08-21 Till Tantau <tantau@cs.tu-berlin.de>

	Version 0.40:
	- Created Change log.
	- New overlay management.