beamer / AUTHORS

Main development:

Till Tantau <>
Joseph Wright <>
Vedran Mileti\'c <>

Patch contributions:

Daniel Arteaga <> (documentation fixes)
Tim Bell <> (documentation fixes)
Karl Berry <> (fix for geometry 5.0)
Kanru Chen <> (fix for subfig)
Sergiu Dotenco <> (fix for pdfpagelabels option)
Vladimir Lomov <> (original fix for geometry 5.0)
Heiko Oberdiek <> (fix for hyperref (sub)section*)
Martin Quinson <> (add option to style subsubsection)
Andreas Scherer <> (documentation fixes)

Theme contributors:

Paul Gomme <> (compress option for beamerthemesplit)
Manuel Carro <> (Madrid theme)

Emacs style:

Thomas Baumann <>
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