beamer / INSTALL

1. Installing the beamer class:

TeX stuff:

+ For the impatient: 

  Put all files somewhere where TeX can find them. Also install the
  following packages somewhere where TeX can find them:  

  - pgf, version >= 1.00
  - xcolor, version >= 2.00

+ Long version:

  In the user's guide, which you find in the file
  doc/beameruserguide.pdf, you will find a detailed explanation on how
  to install the beamer class.

LyX Stuff:

The LyX documentation is also in the main documentation file
doc/beameruserguide.pdf. It also explains how to install the LyX
related files.

Emacs Stuff:

There is a file emacs/beamer.el that adds some beamer stuff to emacs'
AucTeX mode. Read the instructions in that file on how to install it.

2. License

The beamer class is licensed under the GPL, Version 2, see the
documentation for details. 

3. Bugs, suggestions, contact with the authors

Go to to submit bug
reports, request new features, etc.
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