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Added tag version-3-33 for changeset 31cc758a62ae
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Add Sergiu Dotenco to list of patch contributors.
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Tidy up ChangeLog a bit
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remove all traces of LyX
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remove all traces of LyX
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remove all traces of LyX
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Initial import of Translator into Beamer, hopefully not too broken. Bump version to 3.09 and translator to 1.09. They will be kept in sync.
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More documentation fixes. Fix non-TeX doc files that come with beamer.
Beamer---A LaTeX class for producing presentations

* See the documentation in doc/beameruserguide.pdf for a user manual.
* See the information in doc/licenses/LICENSE for information on licensing.
* Read the INSTALL file for installing the class on your system.

This package also uses and includes Translator, a package for translating
words in LaTeX. We welcome new translations.

Please go to to submit bug reports,
request new features, etc.
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