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 This version of beamer is a continuation of the work done by Till Tantau, with some new features, bugfixes and code cleanups. The main drive behind this is improving compatibility with modern LaTeX packages and adding frequently requested new features.
+This code is mostly developed during weekends, when I (Vedran) have free time to do it. I care about every bug reported, even if I don't triage it right away. If you want to be notified when a change occurs, become a follower of this project.
 This repository currently holds a development version of beamer version 3.08. It has been tested, to an extent, but it can still break in weird ways and produce different results from older versions. We treat those as bugs, and would like to hear about them.
 Patches are also very welcome. This also includes dozens of beamer patches scattered around the Internet; if you find any of them usable, please report an issue that it fixes and attach it. You can do so even if you are not the author of the patch.