===================== Introduction ======================

Cyg-hotkey is a UNIX-like drop down terminal through Cygwin in *Windows OS*.

Just like TotalTerminal(Visor) in Mac OS X or Tilda in Linux, cyg-hotkey can provide you a global hotkey enabled drop down UNIX-like termnial in Windows OS, thanks to Cygwin project.

========== Cyg-hotkey Installation Instruction ==========

You can always contact me via email <riverscn_at_gmail.com>

Environment requirements:
	*Windows NT or later.
	*Cygwin with MinTTY, make and Mercurial installed.

Step by step:
	1.Open a Cygwin terminal such as bash or mintty.
	2.Check out the latest source code:
	  $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/riverscn/cyg-hotkey
	3.Compile the exe file:
	  $ cd cyg-hotkey
	  $ make all
	4.Install it.
	  $ make install
	5.You can create a shortcut in Startup folder in Start menu in order to make it start with Windows.
	6.Press <F7> to bring the terminal up and press again to hide it.

Usage of make:
	$ make all # compile exe file.
	$ make package # create a .gz package.
	$ make install # install exe file to Cygwin root.
	$ make clean # clean bin/ and pkg/
	Notice: You can also combine any of them, e.g. make all install; make all package.

Thanks to:
	Cygwin project; AutoHotKey Project.