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-Chicken scheme plugin for qt-creator 4.7.1
+Chicken scheme plugin for qt-creator 2.7.2 and qt 4.8
 Syntax highliter works for on any *.scm *.ss files.
-Ctrl+F2 - Build autocompleter index.
+Ctrl+Shift+F2 - Build autocompleter index.
 This works only for files added to project!
 Completer didn't build index for files outside of project.
 -- Building --
 # Go to qt-creator plugin directory
-cd qt-creator-2.7.1-src/src/plugins/
+cd qt-creator-2.7.2-src/src/plugins/
 # Checkout source in the "chicken" directory
 hg clone chicken
 # Edit file, add lines:
-SUBDIRS += chicken
+SUBDIRS += plugin_chicken
+plugin_chicken.subdir = chicken
+plugin_chicken.depends = plugin_coreplugin
+plugin_chicken.depends += plugin_projectexplorer
+plugin_chicken.depends += plugin_texteditor
+plugin_chicken.depends += plugin_cpptools
 # Build qt-creator project