This is a free and open-source application by and for beekeepers. 
The primary goal is to design a record keeping system that works 
how you work. Meaning if you like hand written notes, you can 
download and print forms. If you like using your smart phone, you 
can do that too. Want to host your own app on you own server or 
appspot, feel free. Don't want to fool with the details of setting 
it up, become a member of our hosted app instead. Want it as a stand
alone app installed to your desktop, you can do that too. It's really
up to you. What ever you like.

If your a developer and/or a beekeeper please examine the code. 
Download it, modify it, and contribute back.


This is an idea that I've been toting around since 2006. Shortly after 
I began beekeeping. Simply put I wanted a way to merge both my interests 
in technology with my interests in beekeeping. I've always wanted to 
contribute open-source software but haven't been able to find my niche. 
Well, I'm going to give it a shot here and now.

The idea is and has always been simple. I want a system for recording 
information about my inspections of my bee hives. I began by asking others 
how they do it becasueI'm very bad at record keeping in other parts of my life. 
I don't keep up with my checkbook, to-do lists, appointments, shopping lists, 
or marking birthdays on a calendar. You get the idea. I'm really good at 
database design though. My wife came up with the name ARK, which stand for 
Apiary Record Keeping, on 7-12-2011. It seemed like an awesome name so I decided 
to stick with it.


- must work offline as well as online
- must be simple and intuitive
- must allow for the beekeeper to work the way that makes sense for them
- must be fast
- must be stable
- must not make keeping records a chore or a bore
- must not force the beekeeper to duplicate data entry

I reserve the right to revise this list at anytime. Currently these are the goals, roughly speaking.

Technical details

- release early and often

That being said I'm basing it on web2py. Web2py is a rock solid full-stack 
framework built with security in mind. It should allow anyone with the 
technical know-how to deploy a local copy and start running it immediately. 
Web2py runs on Google's App Engine which will allow it to easily scale or simple
enough for others to run their own instance.