AnnouncerPlugin / announcer / templates / bitten_plaintext.txt

${build.status} build of ${} [${change.rev}]

  Changeset:             ${change.rev}  -  <${}>
  Committed by:          ${}

  Build Configuration:   ${build.config}
  Build Slave:           ${build.slave}
  Build Number:          ${}  -  <${}>
{% if build.failed_steps %}\

{% for step in build.failed_steps %}\
    Step:                $
    Errors:              ${', '.join(step.errors)}
      #for lvl, msg in step.log_messages
      [${lvl.upper().ljust(8)}] $msg
{% end %}\
{% end %}\

Build URL: <${}>
${} <${project.url}>
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