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 Getting The Code
-The files you'll need are split into three groups, each of which has its own repository:
+The files you'll need are split into two repositories:
 - the source code of the game engine
 - the "default" gameset, including some assets
-- the gameset-independent assets required by the core game
 For the preferred directory layout, place the checkouts like this:: -> tutagx/ -> gamesets/default/
- -> core-assets/
 The target directory names (the latter part) are chosen to fit the default config.yaml, but you can change them to your liking.
 You'd have to adjust ``tutagx/config.yaml`` though, and maintain it on your own.
 In any case, you'll have to prepare the assets, as only the high-resolution source files are stored in mercurial.
-Enter the ``core-assets`` directory and run `` build``.
-The script provides some more options, run `` -h`` if you are curious.
-A similar policy may be adopted for gamesets, but currently that is not necessary -- you can simply use the source checkout.
+Enter the gameset directory and run `` build``.
 TortoiseHg's shell extensions offer the same feature under the same name.
 Search the context menu for "Clone...".
     invoke("Checking out engine source code",
            'hg', 'clone', '', engine_root)
-    invoke("Checking out core assets",
-           'hg', 'clone',
-           '',
-           join(env_dir, 'core-assets'))
     invoke("Checking out default gameset",
            'hg', 'clone',
            env={'PYTHONPATH': engine_root})
     invoke("Sanity check: Running unit tests",
            join(ctx.bin_path, 'py.test'), '-q', engine_root)
-    invoke("Building assets",
-           python, join(env_dir, 'core-assets', ''), 'build')
+    invoke("Building default gameset assets",
+           python, join(env_dir, 'gamesets', 'default', ''), 'build')
     print("[ttgx]", "Tutagx environment set up in", env_dir)