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Batch Commander is Copyright 2005-2009 Kaveh Bazargan and Ricardo Lafuente, and is licensed under the GPL (version 3 or later). See the COPYING file for the full license text.

Installing in GNU/Linux


Following are the packages that Batch Commander depends on. The version numbers are the minimum version required for each package.

  • Python 2.5
  • Qt 4.3
  • PyQt 4.3
  • PyYAML 3.05
  • and any distribution of TeX/LaTeX that supports the pdftex command.

Make sure you have all these packages installed, otherwise you might run into cryptic error messages. You'll only need to type the following commands to get them up and running:

  • Debian-based distros (Debian, Ubuntu):

    sudo aptitude install python-yaml python-qt4

  • Fedora:

    sudo yum (...)

Installing in Mac OS X

  1. Get the files

Known Bugs

Artifacts appear on text boxes under Ubuntu Jaunty

This bug seems to be caused by Qt 4.5.0. Not a lot can be done regarding this, other than using Ubuntu Intrepid or waiting for Ubuntu Karmic.

You want to try your hand at manually installing the Qt 4.5.1 packages, or else downgrading to Qt 4.4.3 (please contact r(a) if you do succeed with this!).

Recent activity

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