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reduce differences with default

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 syntax: regexp


      "thread", "itertools", "pyexpat", "_ssl", "cpyext", "array",
      "_bisect", "binascii", "_multiprocessing", '_warnings',
      "_collections", "_multibytecodec", "micronumpy", "_ffi",
-     "_continuation", "cppyy"]
+     "_continuation"]
 translation_modules = default_modules.copy()


 config.objspace.usemodules._lsprof = False
 config.objspace.usemodules._ffi = True
-config.objspace.usemodules.cppyy = True
+#config.objspace.usemodules.cppyy = True
 config.objspace.usemodules.micronumpy = False
 set_pypy_opt_level(config, level='jit')
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