WordPress Starter Config

A set of files and rules to make development for WordPress websites over different servers a bit easier. Make your own config file for every development stage of a WordPress website.

Supported files

Add one of these files to the WordPress base directory on your server. For clarity use these befitting the development stage. If you are using a version management system like Git you should exclude these files.

Extra Debugging Options

Turn on WordPress debugging using the ?dev_debug=[keyword] at the end of your url. To use this, define the variable $dev_debug_keyword in config.php. Now use the supplied string as the [keyword].

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Putting this to use
  1. Start your WordPress project by unpacking the latest version in your development directory.
  2. Add the entire WordPress root folder to Git.
  3. Add the files inside the wp-starter-config directory to the WordPress root folder and rewrite wp-config.php. Rename gitignore.txt to .gitignore.
  4. Remove any of the local-config.php, dev-config.php, production-config.php, staging-config.php files if you don't plan to use them. Add the database credentials and WordPress settings to the config files.
    * Use local-config.php on the local stack.
    * Use dev-config.php on the development server.
    * Use staging-config.php on the staging server.
    * Use production-config.php on the live server.
  5. Add the Database settings like you normally would.
  6. Create Secret Keys by visiting the secret-key service
  7. Start developing!


Ravi Lautan - Front-end developer