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Roshan Mathews  committed 7fd03f8

Added a boolean type and conditionals to the simple type checker.

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 (define-type TyExprC
   [numC (n : number)]
+  [boolC (b : boolean)]
   [idC (s : symbol)]
   [appC (fun : TyExprC) (arg : TyExprC)]
   [plusC (l : TyExprC) (r : TyExprC)]
   [multC (l : TyExprC) (r : TyExprC)]
-  [lamC (arg : symbol) (argT : Type) (retT : Type) (body : TyExprC)])
+  [lamC (arg : symbol) (argT : Type) (retT : Type) (body : TyExprC)]
+  [ifC (cond : TyExprC) (then : TyExprC) (else : TyExprC)])
 (define-type Type
-  [funT (arg : Type) (ret : Type)])
+  [boolT]
+  [funT (arg : Type) (ret : Type)]
+  [ifT (cond : Type) (then : Type) (else : Type)])
 (define-type TyBinding
   [bind (id : symbol) (ty : Type)])
 (define (tc [expr : TyExprC] [tenv : TyEnv]) : Type
   (type-case TyExprC expr
     [numC (n) (numT)]
+    [boolC (b) (boolT)]
     [idC (s) (lookup s tenv)]
     [plusC (l r) (let ([lt (tc l tenv)]
                        [rt (tc r tenv)])
     [lamC (a argT retT b) 
           (if (equal? (tc b (extend-ty-env (bind a argT) tenv)) retT)
               (funT argT retT)
-              (error 'tc "type mismatch in lambda"))]))
+              (error 'tc "type mismatch in lambda"))]
+    [ifC (c t e) (let ([ct (tc c tenv)]
+                       [tt (tc t tenv)]
+                       [et (tc e tenv)])
+                   (cond [(not (equal? ct (boolT)))
+                          (error 'tc "condition should be a boolean")]
+                         [(not (equal? tt et))
+                          (error 'tc "then and else must match")]
+                         [else tt]))]))
 ; -- tests ------
 (print-only-errors #t)
 (test (tc (numC 3) mt-ty-env) (numT))
+(test (tc (boolC true) mt-ty-env) (boolT))
+(test (tc (boolC false) mt-ty-env) (boolT))
 (test (tc (idC 'x) (extend-ty-env (bind 'x (numT)) mt-ty-env)) (numT))
+(test (tc (idC 'y) 
+          (extend-ty-env (bind 'x (numT)) 
+                         (extend-ty-env (bind 'y (boolT))
+                                        mt-ty-env)))
+      (boolT))
 (test/exn (tc (idC 'x) mt-ty-env) "name not found")
 (test (tc (appC (lamC 'a (numT) (numT) (numC 1)) (numC 2)) mt-ty-env) (numT))
 (test/exn (tc (appC (numC 1) (numC 2)) mt-ty-env) "type mismatch in function")
 (test (tc (lamC 'x (numT) (numT) (numC 1)) mt-ty-env) (funT (numT) (numT)))
 (test/exn (tc (lamC 'c (numT) (numT) (lamC 'c (numT) (numT) (numC 1)))
-          "type mismatch in lambda")
+          "type mismatch in lambda")
+(test (tc (ifC (boolC true) (numC 1) (numC 2)) mt-ty-env) (numT))
+(test/exn (tc (ifC (numC 1) (numC 2) (numC 3)) mt-ty-env)
+          "condition should be a boolean")
+(test/exn (tc (ifC (boolC false) (numC 1) (boolC true)) mt-ty-env)
+          "then and else must match")