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AtomicMVVM / Change_Log

Version numbering follows Semantic Versioning 1.0.0:



NOTE: This version has breaking changes from v3.

  • The bootstrapper is no longer generic, rather the generic aspects have been moved to the Start method.
    • This enables the bootstrapper to be used more easily (internally & externally).
    • This also enables future ideas such as switching out the shell.
  • Previously internal fields for current shell, view & view model are now public properties.
    • This enables the bootstrapper to be better unit tested itself & used in unit testing.
    • Allows for some dynamic logic in view models.
  • CoreData now has a bootstrapper property
    • When a view model is created the property is set to the creating bootstrapper allowing for the view model to be able to interact with the bootstrapper without needing global variables etc...
    • This was really only enabled with the removal of the generic aspects (above).
  • Added the StubShell
    • This is a simple shell implementation for use in unit tests.
  • Updated all the Metro aspects to work with Windows 8 Release Candidate
    • This was really just two things, removing an unused namespace & changing to the new async invoker.


  • Significant changes to how the boot strapper works
    • Can no longer pass in commands to the boot strapper constructor (work done in 1.0.11).
    • You must call the Start method to start the binding.
  • Added support (finally) for Windows Phone 7.1 – not that it was a good idea.
  • Switched from Mercurial to Git.
  • Massive amounts of clean up to the WinRT version.


  • Updated to support Visual Studio “11” & Windows 8 Consumer Preview changes to Metro style app changes.


  • Changed the way attributes (Trigger & Reevaluate work). No longer can you do multiple. Now you can only have one, but with multiple properties. This solves some edge case bugs & improves performance.
  • Added small tweak around warning of unused event.
  • Create the Views and ViewModels folder for you (Nuget package).


  • Bug fixes for WinRT command support (grr)
  • Ability to pass in global commands in the constructor so they can be applied to the first view too.


  • Improved the Nuget package quality (and managed to knock off about 90% of the file size too) and published a symbols version.


  • Updated Nuget with a different icon.


  • Updated Nuget with icon.


  • Bug fixes for Metro & Silverlight 5 support.


  • Added support for .NET 4.5, Silverlight 5 & Metro in NuGetPackage.


  • Added support for non-default view constructors which allows for data passing.
  • Added support for global app commands.


  • Building for .NET 4 client profile now (rather than 4.5 as was doing).


  • Doesn't help if I don't include the updated assembly. So this is 1.0.2 proper.


  • Updated project to be the bitbucket site.
  • Helps if I make classes public (doh).
  • Added trigger property logic.
  • Fixed bug in the type location.


  • First release.



  • Pretty much everything is new and shiny captain.



  • Updated to work with Windows 8 Release Candidate


  • Pretty much everything is new and shiny captain.