Crucible/Fisheye cannot integrate with HipChat

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Jonathan Holmes
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Hello, I write to ask for assistance integrating Crucible and Fisheye with Hipchat. At work we run self-hosted FishEye (version 2.7.14). We also run self-hosted Bamboo. I have successfully integrated Bamboo with HipChat, such that all Bamboo build notifications appear in the relevant chat windows.

However, despite having followed all the instructions with respect to the FishEye/Crucible plugin instructions, no Crucible or Fisheye information appears in our chat windows. I've implemented the correct API key, and have checked the correct rooms in the HipChat Notifications options in the repository options.

Can any offer advise about how I can get Crucible and FishEye notifications to appear in HipChat?

Many thanks & regards,


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  1. Rich Manalang repo owner

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    Hmmm. I just tested this on SVN. I added a file to my svn repo, committed, then svn up'd. Within a few seconds, I saw a post in my HipChat room.

    Have you configured the token properly and know that the token works via curl? Also, did you configure your repo to post to the appropriate room?


    On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:20 PM, Jonathan Holmes <


  2. Jonathan Holmes reporter

    Hi Rich, thanks for your reply. I have both: 1) successfully posted a message to a room with my hipchat token via the REST API, 2) Configured HipChat to post to the correct rooms. And still HipChat is not receiving any updates from Crucible or FishEye.

    Are there any other tests I could perform?

    Many thanks, Jonathan

  3. Rich Manalang repo owner

    Sorry, Jonathan. I haven't had time to look into this further. Have you had any luck since then?

    If you want, you can email me screenshots of your config at rmanalang at atlassian.

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