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HipChat Fisheye/Crucible Plugin

This is a simple Fisheye/Crucible compatible-plugin that allows you to notify one or more HipChat rooms based on a commit event in Fisheye.

I'll likely be adding more integrations over time. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to fork and send me a pull request.

Sample Usage

A common request is something along these lines:

"I want to notify my dev team whenever a commit is pushed to our repository."

This plugin can allow you to do that in a simple manner.

In the example above:

  • add an Admin HipChat API token to Administration > Security Settings > HipChat Configuration (you only need to do this once per FeCru install)
  • go to **Ad
  • choose one or more Rooms you wish to notify
  • complete the JQL field with priority = "Blocker" (or any JQL expression - the issue must return "true" to this expression)

Create a blocker issue, and it will be posted to your selected chatroom - voila!