HipChat notifier Remote App

This is a simple Atlassian Remote App that shows how to use webhooks to notify HipChat when a new blog post in Confluence is posted. This app is written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework.

In order for this app to work, you'll need to get a notification token from your HipChat admin then define a HIPCHAT_TOKEN env variable. You'll also need to figure out which room you'll want to notify and then define a HIPCHAT_ROOM env variable. To start it up, do the following:

> bundle install
> rackup

Once the app is running, go to your Remote Apps container (or use, then install your remote app by using the following url:


Your app should now be running. Any time a blog post is created in Confluence, the HipChat room specified in HIPCHAT_ROOM will be notified.


This is not for production use. It simply illustrates the power of webhooks in Remote Apps.